Peggy Peattie

Lecturer, School of Journalism and Media Studies

Project: “Engaging Homeless Perspectives in Reframing Problems and Solutions"

Over a career of 40 years Peggy Peattie has been dedicated to visual storytelling, amplifying the voices of traditionally marginalized communities, documenting the definitive moments that reveal our shared humanity.

She teaches photojournalism at the university level and has been faculty at Missouri Photo Workshop, Mountain People's Workshop, the Honoring Ida Workshop and the International Photojournalism Workshops. Peattie has won numerous awards in the POYi and NPPA contests, winning Photographer of the Year for Region 10, and Greater LA POY six times, and been speaker at several journalism conferences. She has served as a judge for the College POY and professional POYi contests.

Peattie earned her M.S. degree from Ohio University's Scripps School of Journalism and B.A. degree at University of Washington.

After nearly ten years as a photographer and writer in L.A., primarily for the Long Beach Press-Telegram, she joined the staff at The State in South Carolina where she was inspired to document the racial tension surrounding the confederate flag. Her work earned a grant from the Alexia Foundation for World Peace and Cultural Understanding, which allowed her to complete a body of work just as the resistance movement was getting fired up, producing the book Down in Dixie. She then moved to the San Diego Union-Tribune to concentrate on border stories, as well as issues of social and environmental justice. Currently she is an independent photojournalist, documenting the stories of the homeless at and teaching visual journalism at SDSU and UCSD.

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